The biggest and most influential parks and attractions operator in Mexico and Latin America. With 11 brands, 9 facilities, and 133 different attractions. We host more than 2 million guests per year keeping the safest operations record in the industry.

Social, educational and environmental programs are the center of our philosophy. We are the partner and master franchisee of Topgolf and TOCA Social for Mexico.



Swim-with-dolphins facilities:

  • Cozumel
  • Barceló

In our facilities we have around 10,000 specimens of more than 300 species, including sharks, rays, jellyfish, reef fish, turtles, crocodiles, among many more; which can be seen throughout 11 exhibition areas with a life support system capable of filtering daily more than 22 million liters of water from the Gulf of Mexico,


TOCA Social is the world’s first interactive soccer and dining experience, no matter their ability guests will be able to enjoy immersive games, world-class food and drink.

In this great experience you will be able to meet more than 14,000 specimens of 350 species such as sharks, penguins, rays, jellyfish, axolotls, various reptiles and more, in a tour through two aquariums and more than 50 exhibits. Also get to know our Conservation Center and Reproduction Laboratory up close, where we make great efforts to preserve marine life.


Golf range venues featuring fun and competitive golf games for all ages played in “bays” similar to a bowling lane, an impressive food and drink menu in the restaurant and bar area, and private spaces for groups of any size.


Amikoo Foundation A.C. is Ventura Entertainment´s organization responsible for proposing, structuring and developing action programs aimed at environmental care, education and social support:

  • Social Commitment: community centers that support the vulnerable groups in the region
  • Conservation: educational programs aimed at raising environmental awareness
  • Research: in collaboration with the University of Campeche we are constantly monitoring the dolphin population in Laguna de Terminos and contributing to other research programs



Much more than an aquarium, Sealand is a center for family entertainment where a fantastic tour takes place. Here our guests become crew members and expedition members of the mythical submarine “Sealand” and once “on board” they travel at their own pace to unexplored places such as the Bermuda Triangle, Antarctica, the Amazon and Easter Island. You will be able to learn about marine species and have fun with the many activities. In addition, you will be able to see thousands of species and carry out multiple activities such as playing with real snow, feeding a sea ray, jumping from slides, a treasure rescue experience in virtual reality and much more.

An amazing eclectic Lucha Libre world class show, a high-energy and entertaining performance features live music, high-flying acrobatic moves, and colorful masks, a mix of traditional lucha libre, incorporating theatrical elements, high technology, elaborate storylines and characters that feature supernatural and mystical elements.

Become a part of Mexican wrestling culture and join the entertainment’s revolution with the first permanent Lucha Libre show! Don’t miss out on the ultimate family-friendly nightlife experience in Cancun that everyone is talking about. Come and see why our show is the must-see attraction in town!