Ventura is an innovative investment vehicle that combines the institutionalization of a traditional private equity fund with a flexible structure that allows it to have incentives.

Ventura is an innovative investment vehicle that combines the best practices of a private equity firm with a flexible time horizon and fee structure which fully aligns its incentives with the interests of its investors.

Each member of our investment team has extensive business experience in different industries.
The team’s diverse backgrounds strengthens our decision-making process and gives us an extensive operational overview as a team.

Our Partners have a broad industry expertise, an unparalleled understanding of the local market, and 50+ years of combined professional experience which provides Ventura with an attractive deal sourcing network of non-intermediated and unique investment opportunities.

We focus on investing in established companies with high margins where the team can contribute its experience for the strategic growth of the company.

The Ventura Difference

Venture Private Equity distinguishes itself by the unique structure that allows us to align the interests
all of the parties involved in each of our investments

Capital Inteligente Smart & Flexible

Our funds come from investors whose growth equity vision is aligned with ours.

We are committed to the maximization of returns, not to an established time limit.

Inversionistas Strategic

Most of our anchor investors are successful businessmen that share their know-how and are actively involved in the companies’ strategy.

Strong Network Strong

The partners’ and our investors´ strong network across different industries and geographies allows us to leverage diverse resources for the success of our investments.

Alineacion de Intereses Alignment of

Our investment thesis allows us to consider the management’s vision while our fee structure and carry waterfall are designed to align the
investor’s interests with our own.

Equipo Highly Committed Team

We are actively involved at a board and operational level and contribute directly with the management team on the companies’ key strategies.

Responsibility is the foundation of our work; a testimony to this is our long and lasting relationship with our partners and investors.

Investment Approach

Ventura’s structure seeks that our investments reach their full potential.




Ventura’s investment team constantly analyzes industry and economic trends to identify potential investments
Capitalizing on the team’s and investors’ experience in the local market has helped us to identify unique opportunities
Our strategic investors‘ strong position across different industries provide us with exclusive investment opportunities

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